Website Digital Snapshots generate detailed reports that display a visitors natural click behavior.


These reports provide hyper-detailed information about website design and how your customers interact with page elements and layout. This is the key to unlocking website/page improvements that will increase the performance of website conversions, sales, and overall visitor experience.


Digital Snapshots are interpreted by several different reports, each providing a unique and valuable look at how your visitors are engaging with your webpages.

Heatmap reports quickly show you the highest areas of click activity on any of your webpages.

Scrollmap reports show where the most popular scroll-depth of your webpage is.

Confetti reports display color-coded dots that represent individual clicks and can be segmented by various metrics (demographics, time on site, OS, geography, etc.).

Overlay reports show the percentage breakdown of clicks on all webpage elements. This is helpful when determining which webpage calls-to-action are the most popular.

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